Monday, April 1, 2013

Medifast Product Review: Maryland Style Crab Soup

Today's Medifast product review is for their Maryland-style Crab Soup. I did my research before ordering this, and the reviews seemed pretty positive. Everyone said they loved it and would eat it even if they weren't on Medifast. So I was pretty excited when it came in my first shipment, since I LOVE crab!

I followed the directions on the box and got ready to dig in.

And was disappointed.

I've never had real Maryland-style crab soup, so maybe it is supposed to be sweet. But I wasn't a fan. The soup was very sweet, and the crab didn't have a crab-like texture, in my opinion. The veggies were super sweet. I also was expecting a clear broth-like soup with chunks of crab, but as you can see below, it's thicker.

I waited a week or so, then tried it again. Same too-sweet flavor. I waited another week, then tried it again, this time doctoring it in hopes that I could down-play too sweet flavor. And after finding a few reviews stating that everything from Medifast tastes better after soaking, I soaked the soup first. I added an extra half-cup of bullion, and a dash of salt.

The soaking and watering it down made a HUGE improvement on the palatability of the soup, but I'm still not a fan :(. I REALLY wanted to like it, since so many other people raved about it. It just wasn't my thing, I guess.

The picture below is the soup after cooking it (and yes, it was soaked first).

Flavor: Too sweet for my tastes. Watering it down with a half cup of bullion helped, as did adding a pinch of salt to reduce the overpowering sweetness.

Texture: Lots of chunks of crab and little chunks of veggies. Mostly crab. Good chew when soaked before preparing.

Portion size:  Good size, filling, especially with the addition of a half-cup of bullion to reduce the sweetness.

Would I order it again: No. This is the first product in the Medifast line that I would say I'd definitely not order again.

What are your thoughts on the Maryland-style crab soup? Do you like it? Hate it? Did you find anything that made it more palatable (or now you love it?)? I still have a couple pouches left and would love to discover that it really is amazing when prepared a certain way! :)

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  1. I agree with your assessment of the soup. I too had heard good things and ordered it on my first order. I managed to get through it, but will not order again. I found for me, soak, soak, and soak. Add better-than-buillion, and chopped tomato with some of the juice to dilute it.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I've never heard of "better-than-bullion" but I'll definitely look for it my next store trip! And I love the idea of adding chopped tomatoes!

  2. thanks for the picture! I will NOT be ordering it at all.